Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ted Cruz And Conservative Purity

I have survived over three years of the Obama administration and am capable of surviving another five. So is the United States. Is another five years that optimal or even good? Hardly. But our constitutional, federalized Republic is designed to withstand radical changes and will weather the worst the Obama administration does to it.

The key reason is this: Barack Obama is President of the United States, not king. The federal government may be huge and way overgrown, but its authority is still tempered by the states. The division of power prevents absolute tyranny from taking hold of America.

If Obama wins in 2012 it is hardly the end of the United States as we know it. One of the critical reasons is because of Congress. A Democratic controlled Congress kept President Bush in check for the second half of his term. A Republican controlled House is currently doing a decent job of limiting Obama's effectiveness.

That is why, politically speaking, focusing on getting legitimate conservatives elected to Congress is far more important than simply defeating Obama in November. A Congressionally empowered Obama would be far more dangerous to the cause of liberty and the Constitution than a neutralized Obama.

Political parties exist not to win power, but to advance ideology. Of course elections need to be won to advance that ideology, but that should be for the purpose of that ideological advancement. When Republicans focus more on getting their party into power rather than promoting strict adherence to a liberty oriented ideology, they have ceased being effective conservatives.

A good example is the way Republicans in Congress behaved when they had power and Bush was President. The Constitution was largely ignored and fiscal irresponsibility abounded.  With the Republican frontrunners for the Presidency being, shall we say, less than satisfactory for conservatism, it is becoming increasingly important that ideologues, and not GOP-centered candidates, get elected to Congress.

In other words, it is important for the conservative cause that a Congress be elected that can either prevent Obama from carrying out his progressive agenda or would refuse to rubber stamp nonconservative or unconstitutional policies originating from a Republican White House. Solidarity along party lines is a horrendous idea if it produces policies that restrict freedom.

That is why Reverend Rubicon endorsed Ted Cruz for the Senate earlier this month. Cruz is not only a highly principled conservative, but he is convinced that party purity along ideological lines is more important than the GOP being in control. Cruz has said that he is willing and capable to stand up to the party leadership and say no.

"I asked him if getting a core group of 10 or so like-minded Senators was more important than having Republicans take control of the Senate and he assured me that in his mind it was far more important." This quote from the linked article is enlightening and encouraging. Cruz understands that freedom and the soundness of the country are far more important than power. That's rare, and one of the most important qualities in any politician. A Cruz victory in the Senate race would prove to be massive boon to not only conservatism, but also the cause of liberty on a national scale.

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