Monday, September 19, 2011

Brother Zo Brings the Heat and Educates a Democrat

I have only recently been watching his videos (courtesy of Pajamas Media) but feel it is time I start to give him some run here.

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Here's the Zonation...

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MUST SEE: George Will on The Chairman's Record of Persuasion

No introduction needed. Simply enjoy one of the most intelligent people in the world telling it like it is.

The Problem With Anarchists Is That They Are Un-Organized

In case you missed it (and you probably did) the anarchists, Marxists, and other "comrades" put on their "Days of Rage: Wall Street Edition" protest over the weekend. Proving that these unkempt masses know little about what they are "fighting" for, the bohemian wannabes violated a few of their own principles. Fortunately, they were also very funny. In addition to the poster advertising the event urging people to bring their tents that they probably bought at Wal Mart, there's a couple of other things that immediately came to mind...

1) Calls for unity and organization

This one is great. In all of their attempts to disrupt Wall Street (on a Saturday, when Wall Street bankers are out in their yachts) the anarchists apparently had a problem organizing their minions. The problem is obvious. Anarchists are anarchists. They don't mobilize, organize, or act in concert with leaders. Yet this little toad seemed to forget that core prinicple.

2) Using capitalism to bring you an anti-capitalist message

Thankfully, the anarchists and anti-capitalists, apparently are able to hold down jobs. How do I know this? Well, the Marxist goons were somehow able to use smart phones, computers, and transportation (also known as cars) to live stream their events and speeches. But, it didn't stop there. They then used the evil corporations Twitter and Facebook to spread their message as well. When the anti-capitalists got thirsty, they were able to set aside their quest for a money-less, corporation-less society and partake in a cool drink of Dasani water. When they needed a stage to address a large crowd, as the little toad above did, they were somehow able to use blow horns brought to you by some evil corporation that had the foresight in their business plan to address the supply and demand ratios of blowhorns to blowhards and make a product that future anarchists that want them to fail could use. Brilliant!

I could go on and on here. But, I won't. Overall, the event, much like The Chairman, has been a failure. Or, as Michelle Malkin pointed out:

What do they want? They’re not really sure. When do they want it? For a couple of months, or until the weather gets too cold, anyway. A bunch of adrift Alinskyites and disorganized organizers from a group called “Adbusters” are converging in New York City for some reason or other. They’re bringing tents, sleeping bags, yoga instructors, face paint — and at some point, they’ll get around to deciding what their “one demand” is.

Oh well, that's the problem with anarchists...they are just too damn unorganized.